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We Buy, Develop & Operate Oil & Gas Minerals and Land In West Virginia.

As a locally-owned and operated oil and gas company in West Virginia since 1999, we take pride in our comprehensive involvement in all oil and gas operations. Our specialists ensure honest and dependable service from land and mineral acquisition to production and management.

At Tenmile Land, we recognize the importance of building solid relationships within our community. That’s why we’re committed to providing a fair and hassle-free transaction process to fellow West Virginians who want to sell their land or minerals. Whether your property is producing or non-producing, we’re interested in purchasing – regardless of size. We understand that navigating the selling process can be overwhelming and confusing, but you can trust us to guide you every step of the way. Ready to sell your minerals?


Areas of Interest

We actively buy and develop land and minerals in Barbour County, Doddridge County, Gilmer County, Harrison County,  Marion County, Marshall County, Monongahela County, Pleasants County, Ritchie County, Taylor County, Tyler County, and Wetzel County, West Virginia.

We are always interested in expanding our areas of interest. Do you have land or minerals that are outside of this area? Contact us so we can discuss it with you!

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Community First

Tenmile Land is committed to community building and improving the places we call home. We’re proud to employ over 20 locals in West Virginia and offer valuable internship opportunities. Our passion for service extends beyond the region, as we actively participate in various projects throughout North Central West Virginia and beyond. Join us in making a difference in our communities.

Why You Should
Sell to Tenmile

Lump Sum of Money

When we buy your minerals, you won’t have to wait for a signed lease or royalty payments – you’ll receive a lump sum of money upfront.

Reduce Risk

The precarious nature of oil and gas prices means that relying solely on royalties may not be the most stable choice.

Expert Team

Our committed team conducts thorough due diligence to determine the optimal price for your minerals.

Tax Advantages

While royalties are taxed as ordinary income, selling minerals as a long-term capital gain may result in a lower tax percentage. Stay informed and make strategic decisions for your financial success.

Estate Planning

If you find yourself with heirs uninterested in learning the business or struggling to divide minerals amongst many heirs, selling your minerals to Tenmile Land could be a wise option.

Simplify Your Life

Say goodbye to property, income, and federal income taxes on your minerals. Plus, with Tenmile Land, you’ll never have to worry about negotiating leases or tracking royalty payments again.

We Make It Easy

At Tenmile Land, we guarantee transparency throughout the entire process of working with us. Let us guide you through the smooth and structured steps of selling your minerals, starting with an initial call. Rest assured that we have your best interests in mind throughout the entire process.



Based on our in-depth analysis, we’ll provide you with a compelling offer that maximizes your profit potential.



We will provide you with a comprehensive offer for your mineral rights, which includes a mutually agreed-upon price and closing date.



We are prepared to finalize the purchase of your mineral rights, enabling you to receive a sizable amount of cash. Let’s close this deal and move forward.

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